Zakharov told the head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine about the “five-year war with Russia”

Захарова ответила на заявления главы Минобороны Украины о «пятилетней войне с Россией»

© RIA Novosti, Valery Melnikov, the Speaker of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said the statement of the Minister of defense of Ukraine Andrei Zagorodnyuk about “the five years war with Russia.” Response to the Ukrainian party on 26 October it published on his page in Facebook.”Such experience, as in Ukraine, of course, no one. It is a fact. For 30 years, with his own hands to break up the prosperous region, to drive people with guns in the woods, to quarrel with all all — like few people could. Of course, this experience of self-destruction the Alliance interesting”, — said Zakharov.Earlier, the head of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine after the meeting of NATO defence Ministers in Brussels said that Ukraine has “the experience of the five-year war with Russia,” adding that “none of these countries has no such experience”.