Zarobitchany 10 months pereehali in Ukraine and 9.7 mlarda dollars

Заробітчани за 10 місяців перерахували в Україну 9,7 мільярда доларів

Trudov mgrant for January-October production rock pereehali in Ukraine and 9.7 mlarda dollars. About TSE podomys jurnalistam the patron head of the National Bank of Ukraine Dmytro Sologub. “For private periasamy because cordon her actual figure for 10 months – TSE 9.7 billion dollars. TSE Yak mayzhe TORK – where Bulo is 7% less. On kinets rock mi occupo of about 11.5 billion dollars. I TSE takozh vdova view from the past to the rock,” said Sologub.

For Yogo words, TSE is to talk about those scho trend watoku roboco Seeley abroad mayzhe supinely. Sologub podomys takozh, scho business tsogo rock vzhe pererahvas on’na koryst nazemnyh investors for mezhi of Ukraine about 3 billion dollars. dived, and in General for the year pokaznyk Buda for a couple of hundred dollars or mlion, than TORK.

The volume of private groshovi perekaziv in Ukraine to 2018 year Sklave 10,888 billion dollars. scho 17.5% wise for pokaznyk poperechnogo rock.

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