ZDF: the construction of “Nord stream — 2” continues — the new US sanctions not impressed

Berlin, German business, the European Commission — all are outraged by the new penalty measures Washington against the “Nord stream — 2”, ZDF reports. However, the construction of the Russian pipeline is on track: US sanctions not impressed, marks the channel.

ZDF: строительство «Северного потока — 2» продолжается — новые санкции США впечатления не произвели

The German government, industry, the European Commission, they all are outraged by the new U.S. sanctions. The aim of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2” in the Baltic sea, which soon should start to receive gas from St. Petersburg to Greifswald. Washington — this is the official position — is concerned that Germany could become dependent on Russian gas. In turn, in Berlin refuse any intervention and declare hostile actions against Americans in Germany and Europe.

The construction of “Nord stream — 2” continues, the sanctions are not impressed. For example, in the cargo port of Sassnitz-Mukran on the island of rügen on the transport ships continue to load multi-ton gas pipes. More than a thousand kilometers of the “North stream — 2” is already completed. It goes along the first gas pipeline to its goal in Lubmin near Greifswald. A race for time. The German expert in the field of energy Stephan Kohler is closely monitoring developments.

STEFAN KOHLER, judge: sanctions will only have a few days to take effect. In General, I believe the project will not stop.

The sanctions the us Congress against the pipeline has not yet entered into force. The Senate still needs to approve it, and President Donald trump to sign. Meanwhile, indignation at Berlin high.

“European energy policy determined in Europe and not in the United States,” — wrote in his Twitter foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

And the Left party of Germany agreed with him.

DIETMAR BARTSCH, the Chairman of the left faction in the Bundestag: In our opinion, this is a truly unprecedented and illegal U.S. intervention into European and German policy. This is another sharp decline in transatlantic relations, and the like in the past has happened more than once.

In fact, in Germany the Russian gas should begin flowing through the pipeline in 2020. Whether all works are completed in accordance with the schedule of the Nord Stream 2 has not yet commented.

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