Ze-the team will struggle with the press new

Зе-команда будет бороться с прессой по-новому

After engaging in babbling to reporters – first, in the woods, on the stumps and inflatable seats with Shawarma, and then in the former military-industrial Titan Arsenal with delicacies, it was clear that Zelensky tries the example of the predecessor to sculpt his image edakogo evrodemokraticheskih leader who supposedly loves free speech and the fourth estate. However, the Ukrainians long ago got used to the habits of their rulers, for whom always viewed the same. Namely, the division into pleasant for “the nation” of servilismo and objectionable for her, the “Kremlin agents”, against which immediately begin covert or overt persecution. There is nothing new.

Although determining exactly what in this case was the impetus for the coming crackdown, it is impossible.

Maybe Zelensky hurt for harassing and dogged subservience lisobuda proprosecution media its crumpled owner in the days of the presidential marathon.

Maybe accumulated complaints parliamentary colleagues “Servants of the people” led by Amateur prostitutes Yaremenko to spy on their texting “wordsmiths”. Maybe the desire to clean up rival TV channel “1+1” in favor of the head of the Committee Oleksandr Tkachenko, who, without a doubt, is the unofficial chief of the “Pros” invisible under the patronage of Kolomoisky.

According to the famous lawyer Elena Lukash, such “attack” on the press were not allowed to even Poroshenko.

“Machine for the suppression of journalists was headed by Poroshenko’s government, now it occurs in more brazen and vile form,” – said E. Lucas in a recent interview with channel 112, referring to the repression of the national Council for television and radio broadcasting and against him, and against channels NewsОne and ZiK.

Power pressure on unwanted media was growing for several months and recently reached its climax. This is reflected in the draft law on fines in respect of loss-making media, as well as freshly baked in the text of the presidential decree on the reform.

Vladimir Zelensky instructed the government until the end of 2019 to develop and submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on “regulation of media”. Where required to provide, inter alia, standards news. 8 November signed a decree named “On urgent measures to reform and strengthen the state.”

The preparation of this document was advertised with such fanfare that it was possible to think that in Ukraine there is a new Roosevelt, eager now to make a dramatic turn to a brighter future. Let’s leave aside the “reformist” economic clauses, for example on the sale of land and profitable state enterprises of the “Ukrspirt” and focus only on the items relating to media.

The decree States that in the bill of Cabinet of Ministers “must be mechanisms to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate, distorted information, refute it, the prohibition for individuals and legal entities of the aggressor state to own or Finance the media in Ukraine and strengthening of responsibility for violation of legislation on information.”

It is interesting that supposedly reformatted power moves exactly on the track, the thumb rosanowski looters. Namely, any unwanted media or any journalist dare to contradict the view of the authorities, can immediately face charges in cooperation with the “aggressor”, which, recall, there is no official state of war, and even the severance of diplomatic relations. Nevertheless, under the hateful old sly is preparing a new “witch hunt” against opposition journalism. Hunting, in no way inferior in cynicism poroshenkovskoy.

October 10, at the “press chewing” in the former Arsenal, Zelensky answered the question of the blogger Anatoly Sharia regarding the possible closure donaciella site “Peacemaker”. “I, as President, can’t open or close sites… I don’t know who the owner of the site “Peacemaker”, but I’m sure it’s not Anton Gerashchenko”.

And added that your website error need to fix.

Many readers then probably have questions.

The “error”? Mass snitching on citizens, including journalists and abetting their murders are “mistakes”? The murder of Oleg Kalashnikov and Olesya Elderberry committed immediately after the publication of their data on the “Peacemaker”, the subsequent repression against opponents of the Kiev junta is “error”? Not a bloody crime, no? No one heard right?

After this “passage” it took some time, and now probably starting to get the picture. It becomes clear why Zelensky took the “Peacemaker”, which any civilized power would have offed in one fell swoop.

Tolerance for “Peacemaker” from the President completely smacks of the desire to use the brainchild of Gerashchenko to their advantage in the ensuing struggle with dissent. Anyway, it looks like.

But back to the team’s plans in relation to ze media. In September 2019, the head of the presidential office said in a BBC interview that he considers journalists as corrupt and wants the media made a “self-cleaning”.

That said, Andrei Bogdan: “part of the corruption in this state is corruption of the fourth power. Journalists are the fourth estate, and it was deeply corrupted, as all state. And impossible cleaning of the first three branches of government without purification of the fourth. I know how it all works… you must also have some self-cleaning. Society wants cleansing, not only of judicial, law enforcement system, but also journalistic. You certainly won’t like it, it will be a “HYIP” number two, but you should also be aware of”.

A few days before the decree, November 6, Zelensky approved the creation of a “Council on issues of freedom of speech and protection of journalists” as an Advisory body under the President of Ukraine. The Council includes representatives of media, among which there is no explicit opposition to the new government. In particular, those who participated in his above-mentioned press-drinking bouts, and there was a conversation on the subject of perspectives.

Meanwhile, the new head of the Committee on information and humanitarian policy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Tkachenko – hardly anyone has doubts that he violated the established parliamentary tradition behind the scenes to stay on a former post of (Director General of the channel “1+1”), as “honorary President”, announced the drafting of the draft law “On media” to December 2019.

His view is that, say, “Ukraine should impose sanctions against the media, who for some time are loss-making, since under such conditions, perhaps the influence of owners on journalists.”

He suggested that in this case, the air of Ukrainian channels will be less of a series and shows, as well as reduced the number of news and information television resources, but supposedly it will be “honest business”.

Tkachenko also appealed to the owners of the TV channels called to officially pay the journalists salaries and pay all the taxes to the Treasury.

Wonderful conversion. Of course, you could offer him to set an example and release all the considerable earnings from Kolomoisky. Or at least to reveal the whole story about the purchase of the estate on the banks of the Dnieper, which was “picked up” by his detractors.

“The new law “On media” that we are going to be taken by the Committee before the end of this year, this idea will also be reflected”, – promised Tkachenko.

Summarize the initial, of course, because reformatting of the relations of the new government with the media is just beginning.


A definite plus – the absence of “the Council” odious mongrels Poroshenko: ganapolski, Kiselyov and other Berezna. Many of the names in the list of participants is hardly something to say to the General public.


There is no doubt that the statement by Andrei Bogdan on the corruption of Ukrainian journalism justified. Moreover. It is not just corrupt – it is thoroughly corrupt, like the majority of its representatives. Uncensored authors very few – those that can be considered the conscience of the profession. However, to bet on them team Zelensky is not going to. On the contrary, ominous rattles paragraphs of presidential decree on the fight against “agents of the aggressor”.

And to fight corruption, of course, necessary. But those methods that are already announced. No accusations of collaboration with the Kremlin. This point is clearly spelled out in order to be adjusted to any criticism of the government. Though paying poroshenkovskogo fakemeta with “Straight”, though independent, but a poor author, trying to keep their consciences on the Ukrainian field “oldest first”.


With regard to the imposition of fines against loss-making media, using this maneuver the “servants of people”, quite obviously, expect not only to avenge poroshenkovskim elefsinian and “chemotactical” for insulting their leader, not only to organize redistribution and the subjugation of rich channels, but also to intimidate uncensored journalism. The one that tries to tell the truth, although barely making ends meet. Well, at the local level offer Tkachenko will result in a verdict any attempt to create a regional independent media. It is clear that to rely on the income of a newspaper or TV station is unlikely, and the double bottom thesis about the “non-profit” is: any Director of the media knows that if you want, you can always instruct the tax authorities to investigate and make the profitable enterprises non-profit (exactly as on the contrary).

Generally, of course, the eradication of corruption in any industry – it is worthy. However, in Ukraine the anti-corruption has long been a tool to fight competitors. Sometimes I would like to believe in the good intentions of those who picks it, but look closely at the artists and their initiatives, once confidence evaporates.

In the case of the “reform” of the Ukrainian media is enough to recall the reluctance Zelensky close “the Peacemaker,” and about the perennial bogey of “country-aggressor”. And once it becomes clear why the new government is using an old cynical schemes for their own purposes.

And while the new law “On media”, the “green team” no time to lose: it became known that the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine is preparing the suspicion known blogger Anatoly Shariy in the case of 2011, which had actually closed due to the lack of a journalist of any claims.

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