Zelenski: Beautiful women – part of the brand Ukraine in the world

Зеленский: Красивые женщины – часть бренда Украины в мире

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine is associated not only with agriculture, mines and metallurgy, Ukraine is still “very beautiful people, especially women,” reports RIA “Novosti”.

As noted, this statement Zelensky made during his visit to France.

According to the President, everything in the world somehow think that Ukraine is, first and foremost, agriculture, mines and metallurgy. However, according to Zelensky, the tourists have always noted that Ukraine is very beautiful, very tasty and very beautiful people, especially women. All of this is brand Square, the President said.

Zelensky also added that the country is currently rapidly developing IT industry. According to him, Kiev will continue to move in this direction.

After this statement Zelensky in the homeland have accused of sexism. In particular, the head of the information Centre for human rights Tatyana Pechonchik noted that in Ukraine, the presidents change, but the sexism remains.

Earlier it was reported that Zelensky has ruled out a Declaration of default in Ukraine.