Zelensky came up, where to get new Ukrainians

“Square” wants to legalize dual citizenship, but not with Russia

Зеленский придумал, где взять новых украинцев

In Ukraine, talking about the need to legalize dual citizenship. That the government is considering this idea (and even develops an appropriate concept), said Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba. In his view, the ban on dual citizenship, established at the dawn of Ukrainian independence, not to meets the demands of the time.

Here Kuleba allows for a common mistake: legally in Ukraine is not allowed to have two or more passports. Just the Constitution stipulates the principle of single nationality, for violation of which a man cannot be brought to administrative or criminal liability. The only thing he could face is a loss of Ukrainian passport. But the decision about the suspension of citizenship is accepted as much at the presidential level. Otherwise, Ukraine simply ignores the existence of the person foreign passport. For example, convicted in Italy national guardsman Markiv is considered a Ukrainian citizen, although he has Italian citizenship. Kirill Vyshinsky, on the contrary, tried as a Ukrainian citizen.

It often happens that ordinary Ukrainians with a calm soul enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship, without worrying that they will deal with the President personally. But Kuleba focuses attention not on them but on the immigrants.

“Relatively speaking, Ukrainian 30 years lives in another country and does not want to lose the passport — reflects the Deputy Prime Minister. — He already has a passport of another state, hides it, no one shows. But he wants to remain a citizen of Ukraine, to feel belonging to this country. We have to respect that. It so happened that millions of people have left, we need to preserve their connection with Ukraine. This question already has an evolution, and I hope that it will also support society”.
What Kuleba’s right, it’s the fact that the uncertainty must end. Or prohibit dual citizenship, or to legalize it. Otherwise, on this basis, constantly there will be conflicts. A striking example — the mass distribution of passports to Hungarian in Transcarpathia, which began against the background of worsening relations between Kiev and Budapest. Ukrainian politicians clearly didn’t know how to react.

But the question is, which option is ready to support the society. In the Wake of the same scandal with Hungarian passport, much louder, there were calls to put an end to this practice and not allow the inhabitants of Transcarpathia to hold dual citizenship. After simplifying the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of the LDNR sentiments radicalized even more.In the Ukrainian society and political circles the idea of the Kuleba has caused a mixed reaction. For example, the head of Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning Ukraine’s integration into the EU Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze from it not in delight. The MP said that the provision on single citizenship in the Constitution prescribed for a reason — she allegedly could benefit Russia. How, klympush-Tsintsadze does not specify but encourages to approach the issue of dual citizenship responsibly: analyze explicit and implicit threats, study the experience of other countries.

And while it is possible to develop so-called status of foreign Ukrainian. Under this definition involve citizens of other countries or persons without citizenship who are ethnic Ukrainians.

They can issue a corresponding certificate to use in Ukraine, many of the constitutional rights and freedoms. But to participate in government — that is, to elect or to be elected to the authorities — can’t. Probably, this klympush-Tsintsadze has a reliable “fuse” from the influence of Russian agents.

The ex-Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal their vision: the future law on dual citizenship should only apply to the 28 EU countries. But then the underdog will remain, for example, the Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada and the United States. Than they are worse?
Such a discussion was in Lithuania, where the issue of the legalization of dual citizenship is not the first year is on the agenda. This issue has even been brought up for a national referendum, which was held in parallel with presidential elections.

Its main “feature” was the fact that Lithuanian citizens did not know which countries would be subject to the provision on dual citizenship in case of adoption. Directly in the question it was about the States meeting certain “criteria of Euro-Atlantic integration”. Whether they Italy, which openly advocates the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, or France, whose President is dreaming of “Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok”?

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius invited the more vague the wording: countries that are close to the Baltic Republic “in the value sense”. The voters could only guess who will be in this list. The benchmark, of course, served as NATO and the EU, but this is not a universal solution. Ex-speaker of the Seimas Vidas Gedvilas in 2013 asked the logical question: what’s the Lithuanian NATO and the EU are worse than the Lithuanians living in Russia, Australia or New Zealand?

Today, of course, about the legalization of dual citizenship with Russia, no one thinks. But “ze-team,” in contrast to the Lithuanian authorities, don’t even have to get out and invent some kind of “criteria of Euro-Atlantic integration”. Enough to enshrine in law that it does not apply to “state-aggressor”. For Russia this status is enshrined in another document, the so — called law on the reintegration of Donbass.

However, even this does not guarantee that the radicals would support the initiatives of the government. In their concept of the mono-national state they did not fit.

An illustrative example of the same in Lithuania, where the ruling conservatives under the leadership of Vytautas Landsbergis almost thirty years of fighting for the “purity” of their small nation. The result is logical: in a referendum the majority of Lithuanians voted against the legalization of dual citizenship. Although by that time the Lithuanian authorities are already consolidated advocated the amendment of the law. Even Dalia Grybauskaite, who initially was not thrilled with this idea, in the end acknowledged that migrants should be allowed to have two passports.

So whether Zelensky and company to explain to the people why we need to legalize dual citizenship? For a start they need to answer this question.
According to Kuleba, we are talking about the preservation of ties of ethnic Ukrainians to their historical homeland. That is the law in the first place should relate to foreign citizens who want to be legalized on the territory of Ukraine. But what if a Ukrainian citizen wants to obtain a second passport? Will the dual nationals to have full constitutional rights (for example, to have access to the state secret in case of appointment to certain positions)? Will they perform military service? Official Kiev has yet to answer these and other questions.

The idea can probably be seen as a kind of response to Putin. After the decision of the President of the Russian Federation to simplify the issuing of Russian passports to inhabitants of the DNI and LC Zelensky decided to do the same: to give Ukrainian citizenship to residents of the Russian Federation. But not everyone, but only those, whom the Kremlin is pursuing for political reasons. The corresponding decree was signed in August. If under the action of at least one refugee from Russia, is unknown…

Apparently realizing the futility of this venture, Zelensky went on. And took over the Diaspora: has requested the Ministry of foreign Affairs to develop a mechanism that allows migrants to obtain Ukrainian citizenship as the second. In this formulation of the question, again, it is not clear what will happen to people who already have two or more passports.

In his inaugural address Zelensky said that throughout the world there are 65 million Ukrainians. Those who are “ready to build the future of Ukraine”, he promised to grant citizenship. The “builders”, apparently, was not. And for those who like to “mother” from afar, the Ukrainian passport and the gift is not necessary. Therefore, the legalization of dual citizenship according to plan Zelensky — hopeless undertaking. The effect of it is is that the media.Alex Ilyashevich

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