Zelensky has declared war Fiale for his Alliance with Danyluk

Зеленский объявил войну Фиале за его союз с Данилюком

Vladimir Zelensky in time a press-marathon Food Market in Kyiv for the first time directly demonstrated their negative attitude towards the sponsor of the edition “Novoye Vremya” and the owner of the company “dragon capital” Tomas Fiala partner of George Soros in Ukraine.Until recently, the conflict was limited to relations Tomas Fiala Andrew Bogdan, the purpose of which the head Office of the President Fiala strongly hindered. Visualization of the conflict can be considered the cover of the magazine “New time”, where under the guise sad Zelensky was a picture of cheerful Bogdan.While Fiala has taken costly steps to reduce the impact of Bogdan on the President and strengthen his own. Through American contacts and the so-called “Krivoy Rog” entourage of Vladimir Zelensky (unrelated to the line after Bogdan and Kolomoisky).Fiala paid for the work of teachers of the Kiev school of Economics, on the Board of Directors of which he is, for a week long training of future MPs of “public Servants” in Truskavets. Thanks to this training, the government was the Minister of economy and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov and his Deputy Paul Kuchta’s “Voice”.Fiala also translated (https://t.me/shadow_anonymous_insights/257 (https://t.me/shadow_anonymous_insights/257)) on your “dragon Capital” the largest shopping Mall in the hometown of the President Krivoy Rog “Solar gallery”, located since 2008 in the ownership of the company Arricano Real Estate, in which “dragon capital” participates as a shareholder. The developers admitted that this was done to further the change of ownership.The aggravation of negative attitudes Zelensky to File coincided with the resignation of Secretary of the NSDC Alexander danyluk. After Vialou Zelensky formulated the negative and Danyluk. He confirmed the existence of long-standing conflict with Bogdan, which we wrote about back in July, and mentioned the grievance for denial of appointment of the Prime Minister. Overlooked was another insult danyluk — he wanted to be Minister of defense. “PrivatBank” is the formal reason for the resignation to inflate the scandal with a view to further a political career.We wrote (https://t.me/shadow_anonymous_insights/505 (https://t.me/shadow_anonymous_insights/505)) that danyluk with Phialai going to beat map “of the reformers, the truth-” that cannot accept the usurpation of the victory Zelensky narrow circle of persons close to Kolomoisky. Besides the export option, this rhetoric aims to engage people’s deputies of the “Servants of people” are dissatisfied with the attitude towards them from the OP in a conspiracy against Bogdan. And, perhaps, Zelensky. Also, according to our information, the security services caught contacts danyluk with Valeria Gontareva, living in London. His wife and children danyluk have British citizenship.shadow_anonymous

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