Zelensky has promised a referendum on the land market

Зеленский пообещал референдум по рынку земли

Photo: President’s Office

Ukrainians are deceived in speaking of their right of ownership of land enshrined in the Constitution, the President said.

President Vladimir Zelensky published on Monday, November 11, posted a video which explained why the earth does not belong to citizens of Ukraine.

According to the President, article in of the Constitution, according to which the land is subject to the possession of the Ukrainian people, is a fraud.

“Why is it cheating? Ukrainians, in fact, are not full owners of their land, because the state did not give them this possibility,” – said the President.

He noted that the Ukrainians can’t buy and sell land, as well as the citizens of North Korea, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Cuba and the Congo.

The President also spoke about different models of land market.

Zelensky emphasized that the right to buy and sell land will have only citizens of Ukraine and the Ukrainian company created by the Ukrainians.

The right to buy Ukrainian land to foreigners will only after a nationwide referendum. The corresponding item will bring in the law, promises the President.

According to him, soon the Parliament develop and adopt a law on referendums.

As reported today, farmers blocked roads in 13 regions, protesting against the opening of the land market.

It should be noted that the results of polls about the opinions of Ukrainians on the opening of a land market differ.

Previously, the results of the survey showed that almost three-quarters of Ukrainians are against the sale of land. A recent study showed that more than half of Ukraine’s population support the introduction of a land market.

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