Zelensky in Latvia met the protesters against the Ukrainian corruption and Salmonella chickens

Зеленского в Латвии встретили протестующие против украинской коррупции и сальмонеллы «цыплята»

© the website of the President of UkraineLatvians in the costumes of the chickens went to the Riga castle to protest against imports contaminated with Salmonella, eggs from Ukraine. It is reported by Sputnik Latvian hands they held posters with the inscription: “Ovostar, Salmonella, corruption”.

To the protesters approached the security and asked young people to leave.The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky arrived October 16 in Latvia with an official visit.
Association of producers of eggs and meat in Latvia not once beat the alarm because of the low quality of Ukrainian eggs and even asked Prime Minister krišjānis Karinsh to stop the import of eggs from third countries, including from Ukraine.

Eggs imported to Latvia four Ukrainian enterprises certified by the European Commission. However, the name of the company, responsible for the import of low-quality eggs, food and veterinary service does not disclose.

Earlier, the Latvian Association of producers of poultry meat and eggs was concerned about the fact that Ovostar Union is one of the leading agro — industrial companies in Ukraine- leaves no plans to build in Latvia poultry farm 8 million chickens. The Association believes that the company will be able to use a plant for production of egg powder and other products in order to pass European standards for the maintenance of hens-hens that are not observed in Ukraine.

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