Zelensky in the role of Gorbachev

Зеленский в роли Горбачева

“Stubble appeared on his cheeks. The lights went out on the streets of Kiev. Zelensky and continued to speak,” so described by the press-marathon of the Ukrainian President to the Associated Press. Naturally, during such a long event could not be the subject of Poland. Zelensky said. Rzeczpospolita ? “one of the best partners”, and ahead of both countries are waiting for “just friendship”. Polish officials speak in the same spirit. In particular, the Minister of foreign Affairs Jacek Czaputowicz said that relations with Ukraine are very good. In General, everything seems to be better. Well in reality?

In previous years, between Warsaw and Kiev much sparks and even crackled. Take the vote of the Sejm to recognize the Volyn massacre as genocide. However, Poroshenko Klimkin studiously pretending nothing is happening. Occasionally confessed that in some places there are problems, but they are the handiwork of individual irresponsible politicians. This Poroshenko Rzeczpospolita quite satisfied, and before the presidential election, the Polish sympathies were not on the side Zelensky. For neighbors he seemed a mysterious character, and the media asked — it’s not the Kremlin’s candidate?

After winning Zelensky Poland was very cautious and watched. The inauguration of the new head of state arrived Jacek Czaputowicz. For comparison: when in 2014 the oath Poroshenko, one of the guests was then-President Bronislaw Komorowski. And it’s just a foreign Minister. However, he conveyed the invitation of the President of Duda to visit the Commonwealth. However, the difference is too noticeable.

Since then, enough time has passed, and today the poles can say about Zelensky what at the time was Thatcher said about Gorbachev: “I definitely find that he is a person with whom you can deal.” How to communicate the Soviet leader with the West and what his policies have brought, we know. Vladimir at times very reminiscent of Mikhail Gorbachev. Of course, on a much smaller scale.

First, Zelensky made concessions in the issue of the exhumation work on the Ukrainian territory. This he publicly announced during a trip to Poland for the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war. Ahead of his visit to the media “independence” happened stuffing. Unexpectedly, it was found that on the train, following the route tarnów — rzeszów — przemyśl-drawn map of the Commonwealth, and on it, as the Polish cities appear the names of Ukrainian regional centers of Lviv, Rivne and Lutsk.

A couple of years ago something similar happened with the design of the new passports, and then in the foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador Jan Inferno. Warsaw then got out and had a little camouflaged their revanchist tendencies, removing documents from the most annoying Kiev image. The story of the train, too, smacked of scandal, but failed, and Zelensky voyage went smoothly.

By the way, train with a map of pre-war Poland riding for a year. In the first flight it came out in October of 2018, and thus the railroad celebrated the 100th anniversary of restoration of independence of the Commonwealth. Przemysl, among other things, a border town, using it continuously to a large number of Ukrainian “guest workers”, and, probably, someone would have noticed the inscription Lwow, Rowne, Luck.

But back to the ban on exhumation work. In July, when we celebrated the day of memory of victims of the Volyn massacre, Andrzej Duda talked about the graves where could come the relatives and light a candle. In fact, the President addressed to Zelensky and urged to lift the moratorium. Official reaction has not followed. However, at the end of August Jacek Czaputowicz said about the positive signals coming from Kiev. It became clear — it will be arranged.

There is a parallel between Zelensky and Gorbachev. For Ukraine, the moratorium was one of the few real tools of influence on Poland. You can negotiate, to bargain, to delay, to demand concessions. Instead, the President of “independence” itself has made concessions and made the neighbors a generous gift. However, after the visit and announced a breakthrough, Kiev suffered a little forgetfulness, and Warsaw had to be reminded of these promises.

An interesting detail is the admonition of the Ukrainian authorities is not engaged in the head of the Polish state, not the Prime Minister or even the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and the Vice-President of the Institute of national remembrance Krzysztof Szwagrzyk. “We expect this ban will be removed…” — he said. A few days later the Minister of culture Borodyansky met with the Ambassador Tsihotsky, and the wheels of the bureaucratic machine began to spin. Now the Polish Institute of naramata is a work plan, and soon they must resume.

Warsaw wants to get from Kiev permission to build a new cemetery, where reburied the remains, found during the exhumations. We are talking mainly about the nationalist soldiers of the home Army and the victims of the Volyn massacre. If the “square” will agree, it is waiting for another humiliation among the “feats” of the home Army are acts of violence against the Ukrainian population. In response to Poland is supposed to take care of abandoned or destroyed the graves of Bandera, which formally was a moratorium. That do, have serious doubts.

But the abolition of the prohibition of a search operation, Ukraine is embedded in the Polish project “energy revolution”. In the Commonwealth now trying to get rid of Russian gas. 2022 “blue fuel” should go on the construction of the Baltic Pipe pipeline connecting Norway, Denmark and Poland. And here on August 31 in Warsaw, met the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry, Commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski and the Chairman of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine Alexander danyluk. They signed a Memorandum on cooperation in gas sphere. According to the document, Kyiv will receive liquefied gas from a terminal in świnoujście, and subsequently connects to the Baltic Pipe.

In reality, the pipeline in the best case, will take effect in 2024, but Ukraine’s participation in the “energy revolution” poles warmly welcomed. Piotr Naimski has already shared with the media plans to sell gas to Ukraine, and Ambassador in Kiev Bartosz Tsihotsky colourful paints as the happiness of “independence” will bring supplies from Swinoujscie. That “blue fuel” for the Polish LNG terminal is likely to buy from the Russian supplier of a premium and sell Ukraine, of course, silent.

What Kiev was given as a reward for his pliability? Recently, Andrzej Duda, said: “We certainly are in the absolute vanguard of countries that loudly and clearly, speak at every international forum. We defend the interests of Ukraine in the UN Security Council, we strongly support Ukraine”.

By the way, in Poland it’s cold greeted the news of the signing of the “formula Steinmeier”. The media talked about the trap set by the Kremlin, and “surrender”. A particularly violent deputies from the party “law and justice” sitting in the European Parliament, raised the cry. In their opinion, the “formula” will allow Putin to avoid punishment. Apparently, in their inflamed minds of these people saw the Russian President in the dock.

Overall, the Commonwealth Eastern neighbor actually gave nothing. The cries of “Russian threat” does not subside for five years, and official Warsaw has consistently insists on the territorial integrity of Ukraine — so it was in Poroshenko remains Zelensky. By the way, he became interested in the “Treemore”. Officially, the project should strengthen the integration of the States located in the triangle between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas. In fact, the us American idea aimed at forcing Gazprom and Russia from Central and Eastern Europe. About “Creemore” Zelensky said with the foreign Minister of Poland. Czaputowicz answered negatively to the question about the possibility of joining the project, as it involves only members of the European Union. In General, and then by cash.

If politically in the relations of Poland and Ukraine have been changes (though not in favor of “independence”), then at the household level, everything’s the same. Reports of inhumane treatment of the “workers” who come regularly. For example, one of the restaurants placed an advertisement looking for chefs, but the Ukrainians asked the administration not to bother. There are more egregious cases: a sick worker, the boss was taken to the forest and left there to die.

According to the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova in recent years has increased the hostility toward immigrants from neighboring countries: 190 cases against 30. It is incidents recorded by the police, and a number of insults, threats and attacks in fact, no one knows.

Will not go away and Polish expansion in Ukraine. Summer was actively celebrated the 450th anniversary of the Lublin Union — the agreement between the Polish nobility and the Lithuanian nobility, which was the first Rzeczpospolita (now they have a third). And a month the passengers of Kyiv metro was looking at the exhibition dedicated to the anniversary. Gave her the Polish Institute. The idea of the exhibition is simple: to show the Ukrainians how well their ancestors lived in the old Commonwealth. To escape from the exhibition was impossible — it was familiar to all who used the escalator at the station “Golden gate”. Its passenger traffic is about 20 thousand people a day, and try to count how many heads left a trail of Polish propaganda.

Then came August, and come in flocks celebrations and commemorative events: the Feast of the Polish army (?wi?to Wojska Polskiego), the 99th anniversary of the battles with the army of Budyonny’s red Cossacks, the anniversary of the Second world war, the 80th anniversary of the “Soviet aggression”. Celebrated date in Lviv, Vinnytsia, Kyiv and Kharkiv, and Zhytomyr even held a low mileage motorcycle with a white-red flags. The lions, of course, remained the leader of the Catholic mass, an honor guard at the mass graves, wreaths, flowers and candles. Such is repeated from year to year and regardless of who is in power, Poroshenko or Zelensky.

Alex Tkachuk