Zelensky “justice”

Зеленское «правосудие»

© press-service of NABOORepent. When I said Zelensky as President will be no better than Poroshenko, I was wrong. Zelensky was many times worse. In Donbass the war continues, the radicals openly dictate to the President the agenda, and after committing the crime go unpunished, the police just “don’t notice” neither the crime nor the criminal.The destruction of the economy progresses, it is possible that the manipulation of agricultural land, unlimited possibilities which opens the lifting of the moratorium on trade in them, will finish and agribusiness. The usual land speculation will bring much more profit than production.

And, of course, sitting political prisoners. Some people are lucky, they continue to trade during the exchange. The majority do not. The latter is particularly striking. After all, in order that they were released is not necessary to perform complicated manipulations. Zelensky in this matter does not depend on anyone and could release them in a minute after the inauguration, just signed a decree on pardon. By the way, since we are convinced that it is not a provincial clown, and a talented PR person, then it would be a strong PR move, able to ensure the revival of the hopes of at least part of which started to be disappointed in Zelensky of the electorate.

But over time, the potential effect of this action decreases, tending eventually to zero.Zelensky, whose presidency lasts for six months, now bears the same responsibility for the massive violations of human rights, as Poroshenko. At last the oldest political prisoner of Ukraine of Mekhti Logunov imprisoned and condemned, when Zelensky he continues to sit, despite his 85 years, and poor health. The process of appeal in Kharkiv appeal court deliberately delayed since the beginning of April 2019. Finally, 18 November the appeal was considered. The sentence of 12 years imprisonment was upheld.

Of Mekhti Logunov argues that the SBU provocation was organized against him not only (and perhaps not mainly) because of his political views (the elderly, emerged from the USSR in the most part do not favor the current regime, which is not very concerned about power, because they are the outgoing generation), but became known to him the facts of corruption and the withdrawal of money abroad in the amount of half a billion dollars. And it seems to be true. The actions of the Ukrainian judicial system is clearly intended to wait for death of Mekhti Logunov in prison, with the result that the problem will solve itself.

I can understand that provocateurs from the security service, prosecution, prosecutors, passes sentence, the judges are interested to hide the ends in water. Because otherwise, if it turns out that they were kept in prison for more than two years, an innocent man, can be raised question about their responsibility. But Zelensky with them in solidarity.

Case Logunov resonant to the President drew attention to it. Moreover, Mehdi Feofanovich claims about known cases of corruption on a national scale. This is what Zelensky promised to fight especially zealous. You might at least ask who it is and what exactly half a billion output abroad, to initiate an investigation and at this period, since all doubts are treated in favour of the accused, release of Mekhti Logunov at least under house arrest. Though they could fully pardon on humanitarian grounds.

Case Logunov clearly does not fit into a standard scheme similar to the “spy” cases. Usually, the SBU is actively promoted on the “exposure agent”, talks about his relationships, plans, etc. In this case, there is only a Declaration of intention to convey some information of Russia. That is, even if implicitly, the SBU believe that the crime took place, was just the intention. Well the secret service doesn’t bother to open the entire “criminal chain”?

As evidence of guilt Logunov presented the testimony of agent provocateur of the security service, which allegedly passed “classified” information of military trade of Ukraine. But this is not proof that the brain purposefully collected information and had the intent to someone.

It turns out, the security service conducted a special operation to provocations and discredit Logunov. It is known to all political views only provided the right ambiance. And it already confirms the version of Mehdi Feofanovich on the withdrawal abroad of half a billion dollars. People who are able to steal and withdraw the same amount, can easily organize and provocation SBU to permanently get rid of the superfluous witness.

Understandable in this context and further action. Age and health status of Mekhti Logunov give the organizers of the provocation hope for a natural solution. Prison isn’t a resort, and 85 is 85. Initially, therefore, waited with the main process, then delayed consideration of the appeal.

The lack of “great PR” Zelensky of interest to be advantageous from the point of view of the PR subject, how it Logunova leads to the conclusion that he is simply afraid to go into the issue of corruption at the state level. He’s half your age Mehdi of Feofanovich to jail him to land harder. To do this, we must first overthrow. As in the overthrow of all sorts lining happen.

However, perhaps we are unfair to Zelensky and he is not a coward. Just a lot of work: that the Japanese Emperor to go need the wife to help text for “95th quarter” to write, that doesn’t get to political prisoners. Especially because they’re political, they’re against the regime, and Zelensky — the quintessence of this mode — comedian-President in the service of the oligarch. Therefore political, they are against Zelensky. So, why should they produce, once again, the SBU, prosecutors, judges upset? They may most be needed.But Poroshenko at large. Also, incidentally, an expert on looting and the withdrawal abroad of public money. He has, than his freedom to pay. Therefore, planted by Poroshenko will sit and Zelensky. Because if they release, then Peter with the whole gang sure have planted, and they might be offended, and they have the money, but for the money and the SBU, and the Prosecutor’s office and the courts to hire.

I was thinking, December 9, not in the Normandy format to ask of Macron and Merkelwhy their protégé Zelensky sits a fighter against corruption Logunov? Let him promote his release. Too much attention to it — an extra chance for Mehdi of Feofanovich.Rostislav Ishchenko

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