Zelensky meeting with Putin, the increase in minimum pensions 74 of the hryvnia and new gas prices. That will change in December

Встреча Зеленского с Путиным, рост минимальных пенсий на 74 гривны и новые цены на газ. Что изменится в декабре

In December, Paris will host a summit in the Normandy format. Photo: website Presidenta December – the last month of the year held a summit in the Normandy format. The solution to the situation in the Donbass for the first time in three years to discuss Vladimir Zelensky, Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel macron and Angela Merkel.

Also in Ukraine will recalculate the subsistence minimum, minimum pension and child support.

“Country” is understood, what else will change in December.

Norman summit and the new Maidan

On 9 December in Paris planned summit in the Normandy format with participation of heads of the Normandy Quartet. The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France will meet for the first time from 2016 to discuss further settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

Media reported a high probability that the capital of France may be held bilateral meeting of Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky. Moreover, the Russian President may invite the Ukrainian leader at the Victory parade in Moscow.

Except Donbas, one of the Central themes will be the gas. January 1 will expire on the transit contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom. And its non-renewal can be fraught with the gas war and the problems with heating – in Ukraine and in Europe.

For more information about this situation can be read in the material “of the Country” Transit from scratch. As ze will have a new way to solve the issue of gas and what’s the Donbass.

Meanwhile, on December 8, in Kiev, planned the so-called “Steinmeier-Maidan” in Bankova. Participants of the “Maidan yellow armbands” on November 21 urged to bring warm clothes and not to disperse, insisting on their demands. Among them, to stop the withdrawal of troops in the Donbass, there to prevent the holding of elections and special status.

Pensions, wages, alimony

From December 1 , the subsistence minimum per person will be 2027 UAH per month, that is, it will grow by 91 from the previous UAH UAH 1936.

By the way, the sum of the current subsistence minimum in Ukraine was declared illegal. The district administrative court of Kiev recognized illegal actions of the Cabinet, which is mounted at least 2019 without conducting scientific and public expertise of the consumer basket. The court also ordered the Cabinet to establish a living wage in accordance with the requirements of the laws.

For main social and demographic groups of the population a living wage for one person from December 1 increased to 74-100 UAH:

for children up to 6 years -1779 UAH (from 1699);

for children from 6 to 18 years – UAH 2218 (2118 was UAH);

for able-bodied persons – UAH 2102 (2007 was UAH);

for persons incapacitated -1638 UAH (UAH was 1564).

The minimum wage will not change and will remain at the level of UAH 4 173. To increase her plan to the end of 2019.

From 1 December the minimum pension will increase by 74 of the hryvnia to UAH 1638.

More detailed information about the recalculation of pensions can be found here:

Встреча Зеленского с Путиным, рост минимальных пенсий на 74 гривны и новые цены на газ. Что изменится в декабре

Also in connection with changes in cost of living will increase the maximum size of unemployment benefits – up to 8408 hryvnia.

The size of the alimony will increase to 889,5 UAH for children under 6 years and to 1109 UAH for children from 6 to 18 years.

Single mothers with a child under 6 years will amount to UAH 1 779, aged 6-18 years – 2 218 UAH, – 18-23 – 2 102 UAH.

Help with children’s guardians and caregivers. For children up to 6 years – 3 558 UAH, for children 6-18 years – 4 438 UAH.

Pension in connection with loss of breadwinner. For one child – 1 638 UAH, for two children – 1 966 UAH, for three children – 2 UAH 457.

Earlier we wrote that the Cabinet wants to decouple pensions from the subsistence level, which may lead to a reduction in

Встреча Зеленского с Путиным, рост минимальных пенсий на 74 гривны и новые цены на газ. Что изменится в декабре

iplot. We also understand how Ukraine wants to change the pension system.

Gas prices

In December the price of gas does not change compared to November: 5 861 – 6 463 UAH /1000 m3 without VAT and transportation costs.

Thus, compared to July 2019, there is a significant increase from 5 017-5 606 UAH/1000 m3.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk in late November said that the gas price in the payment will be fixed and will remain at the level of 8 UAH per cu. m during the heating period. Previously, “Country” explaining that it means “fixed gas price” really is.

The land market

In December you can take in the second and final reading the law on the land market, which removes the moratorium on sale of agricultural land from October 1, 2020. Zelensky, the President promised in the second reading, to add a clause about a mandatory referendum for the sale of land to foreigners.

Read more about this law can be read here.

The winter schedule for the KPVV in the Donbass

From December 1, all control points of entry and exit on the boundary line in the area of operations of the combined forces are moving to the winter schedule. They will work from 08.00 to 17.00.

Radios in new buildings

From December 1 come into force on the updated state building code. They have a clause about the abolition of the mandatory design of radio sets in new buildings. The placement of the radio sets will remain mandatory only for rooms duty personnel, Concierge and technical services for fire protection.

Weekends in December and New year

In December, the Ukrainians have a rest on 25 December (Catholic Christmas).

The New year will be four weekends in a row 29, 30, 31 December and 1 January. Two Saturdays will be working – on 21 and 28 December.

Only in December will be 21 working days and 10 weekend.

Magnetic storms in December

Expected four magnetic storms for the month: December 3 (medium), 26 December (strong), December 28 (low), 29 Dec (strong).

Trailer for December

5 Dec on the screen the film “the Balloonists”. He will tell about a brave scientist James Glaser and pilot Amelia Wren, who make discoveries. traveling in a balloon.

5 Dec – on the screens out cartoon “Zeropolis”. The plot of Fox swift and his friends must stop the villain Otto von Valrosa, who, along with his army decided to break the ice in the Arctic to flood the Land and take over the world.

December 5 – the premiere of Ukrainian historical drama “Black crow”. The film tells about the struggle against the Soviet power in 1920-ies, led by the chieftain nicknamed “Black crow”.

12 December – the film will be released with Benedict Cumberbatches “War of currents”. He will tell about the confrontation between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse in the struggle for the use of AC and DC.

December 19 – released “Star wars: Skywalker. The climb” directed by J. J. Abrams. They will complete the story of the Skywalker family, which lasts 40 years.

December 19 will also see the screening of the film “Sex bomb” with Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman. He talks about the three women first accused of sexual harassment, the head of Fox News and Fox Television Stations Roger Isles, the result of which he left the post.

December 25 – on the screens of Ukrainian Comedy “wedding Skujene 2”. A year later, the heroes are waiting for another crazy wedding with another daughter. Starring Yuri Gorbunov, Potap, Pauline Vasilina.

And on the 26th of December – “Cats” with Taylor swift, Idris Elba and Innom Macarena roles. In the center is a ball of cats that gather in new York to tell me what they are so special.

Also on 26 December, out Comedy “playing with fire”. In the story, the harsh command of firefighters had to be Babysitting three brats, until they find their parents.

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