Zelensky Parliament proposes to amend the Constitution in terms of decentralization of power

Зеленский предлагает Раде внести изменения в Конституцию в части децентрализации власти

President Vladimir Zelensky offers the Verkhovna Rada to amend the Constitution in terms of decentralization of power.

This is stated in bill No. 2598, registered in the Parliament on 13 December.

The text of the bill is not yet available.

As reported by Ukrainian news, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov said that next year it is planned to complete the reform of decentralization.

Also in January-September compared with the same period in 2018 the revenues of local budgets increased by 19.1%, or 32 billion hryvnia, to 199,6 billion. And in the 1st half of local budgets showed an increase of 19.6%.

In addition, the draft budget for the year 2020 for regional development proposes to allocate 9.5 billion hryvnia.

Earlier, Parliament was enshrined in the Constitution a course to EU membership and NATO.

And according to a survey conducted in April 2018, 55.8% of respondents polled have a positive attitude towards the transfer of most of the powers of the Central government to local government.

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