Zelensky question of Donbass wants to turn the defeat of the Poroshenko win – Tsarev

Зеленский в вопросе Донбасса хочет превратить поражение Порошенко в свою победу - Царев

© RIA Novosti, Vladimir Trefilovthe issue of the conflict in Donbas President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky want the implementation of the Minsk agreements is not looked as a defeat of Kiev and personally. This was told by ex-Verkhovna Rada Deputy Oleg Tsarev in a recent interview with “the Truth.Ru”
“Believe me, for a politician it doesn’t matter what’s really going on. Most importantly, how it is perceived by the public. Zelensky implementation of the Minsk agreements between Poroshenko, will look like a loss Zelensky. And he doesn’t want the loss,” — said the expert.

Therefore, said Tsarev, Zelensky proposes to give special status to DNR/LNR are not part of the amendments to the Constitution and in the framework of decentralization of powers to all regions, including the Donbas.

And then, on the idea Zelensky, the situation will look like takes Ukraine the Donbass, but does not step to the assignment of the republics and Moscow, said the ex-Deputy.

However, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin understands that to protect the inhabitants of the rebellious region can only be the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and more on what concessions Kiev is not Moscow will not agree, said the interlocutor of the edition.

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