“Zelensky said that the next time they speak to any other President.” Russian media said about the debate on the talks in Paris

"Зеленский заявил, что в следующий раз будут говорить с другим президентом". Российские СМИ рассказали о спорах на переговорах в Париже

During a meeting in Paris, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the head of Russia Vladimir Putin talked about how people from different worlds.

About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to its source, who described the dialogue between the two leaders, to quote a famous proverb: “apples and uncle in Kiev”.

According to a source who participated in the negotiations, Zelensky and Putin didn’t seem to hear each other’s arguments. At some point the Ukrainian President was very candid with colleagues.

When it once again all began to reproach the Minsk agreement, he pleaded, “Look, if I’m going to agree on this Minsk agreement, then the next time you speak with a different President!”.

And Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel macron behave according to the interlocutor of the edition, as the guarantors of these agreements, we have insisted on them together and pretty forceful.

“However, it is strange that we managed to agree at least on some points: the dialogue is often not conducive to this. And when the leaders went to the press conference, Angela Merkel said Vladimir Putin without much joy: “today you’re a winner…”, – writes the edition.

The source also focuses on the fact that unlike the previous meetings in the “Normandy format”, at this time very active was the French President. Perhaps it was because prior to that was President Francois Hollande, and now it is Emmanuel macron. He conducted a meeting, including after dinner, when the agreement was given the floor, participated in the discussion. And approval was a tedious process.

First, the Makron has given to each to speak in General, then voiced the amendments, then they are also in a circle comment… journalists in the hall for press conferences at that time generally believed that dinner, apparently still in full swing.

Previously, “Country” wrote about the fact that the UN Secretary General endorsed the results “Norman summit” and said that he fully supports Ukraine.

We were also informed that the Normandy four meeting Zelensky and Putin was in almost the same ties.

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