Zelensky wants to discuss specific dates for the return of the Donbass — and with whom?

Зеленский хочет обсудить конкретные сроки возвращения Донбасса — а с кем?

Vladimir Zelensky want to know when will return the Donbass. Illustration amp.akcenty.com.uathe President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky intends to discuss during the meeting “Norman Quartet” specific time frame for reintegration of Donbass.

As reported UNN, such a statement the President made during a briefing with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish in Kiev. He also urged the Russian side to the new exchange of detainees.

“When we are talking about the exchange of prisoners or about the release of our boys, too, should be here more specifics. We want all our people to return home to their families. When? If all — when?” the President noted speaking about the issues that will be discussed during the Normandy summit.According to him, the focus should be on a specific date in the near future. However, he added that there are questions concerning the situation in the area of security, humanitarian issues, social, as well as issues related to local elections — at a time when the war zone of illegal armed groups.”The beginning of this conversation we should do… Because what we discuss — it will dry or not dry — it doesn’t matter, important specific things,” said the President of Ukraine.Note that the answer to the question about the precise time of the return of the Donbass in the Ukraine can be found in the text of the Minsk agreement. He’ll be back when Ukraine will give him special status, amend the Constitution and recognize the results of elections in the DNI and LC without “guidance” from the Ukrainian authorities.

In Kiev constantly say that this will never go. Well, it turns out that the Donbass will never return.

And I wonder if anyone Zelensky going to ask about the specific timing of the return of the breakaway territories? Maybe Paris or Berlin? So where did they know? Know that in Donetsk and Lugansk. And that’s just they have nothing Kiev does not want to ask — Ukraine refuses to recognize the DNI and LC party talks.

This is despite the fact that they themselves constantly knocking at the door. Previously, Colossal reported that on the eve of the LC and the DNI again has demanded from Kiev to engage in direct negotiations.

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