Zemlyansky has accused “Naftogaz” KOBOLEV and a lie

Землянский уличил «Нафтогаз» и Коболева во лжи

© Facebook/Valentin ZemlyanskyExpert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky to refute the statements of the head “Naftusia” about the possibility of gas imports from Poland of 6.6 billion cubic meters per year, resulting in the conclusion of gas operator Gaz-System, which denies the possibility of moving to Ukraine in such volumes.

Oh, Yak neudobno happened.

Polish gas operator Gaz-System denied the possibility of moving to Ukraine 6.6 billion cubic meters of gas per year, the statement said the Polish company.

Earlier, the head of “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andrew KOBOLEV said that his company has completed the construction of the pipeline — jumper at the compressor station “Komarno” in Lviv region. According to him, after testing of this compound, its capacity to import gas from Poland will increase from 6.5 to 18 million cubic meters per day. In annual terms, is almost 6.6 billion cubic meters, or half of the annual demand of Ukraine’s gas imports, assured COBOL in Facebook.”In connection with the information published by Ukrainian companies, that is, the “reservoirs of Ukrtransgaz” and “Naftogaz” on the throughput increase of up to 6.6 billion cubic meters per year of gas connection Poland-Ukraine, Gaz-System reports that the current gas infrastructure on the Polish-Ukrainian border does not allow the transfer of gas from Poland to Ukraine in such volumes”, — reads the statement by Gaz-System.

The Polish operator said that existing pipeline connection between Poland and Ukraine allows to supply up to 2 billion cubic meters of gas.

“Providing the available bandwidth to the level of 6.6 billion cubic meters requires additional investment in the transmission system managed by Gaz-System”, — said in a statement.

“Investment decision in this regard will be taken after a proper economic analysis, supported by contractual obligations between the parties”, — added in the Polish company.

Землянский уличил «Нафтогаз» и Коболева во лжи

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