Zinedine Zidane: real need to play every day

Зинедин Зидан: Реал должен так играть каждый день

“Thanks to the mood of the players and a good game, the match was spectacular. Our opponents have also demonstrated a good game. Before the result, that’s football, there’s nothing you can do about it: sounds a bit cruel, but we have to accept what happened and make the match good.

We continue to grow, and most importantly. Our players deserved to win, although I don’t like to say such words because you need to play for 90 minutes. But when you consider how we played today… We had a very good game we have to play every day.

ISCO? I won’t say at what point I decided that ISCO will play in this match: he is a part of our team, and today he lived up to my expectations. I planned to put another player between the lines and think that we managed to cause inconvenience to the opponent. in the first half. CSIS has done its job along with Benzema and Hazard is exactly what we were looking for”, – quotes the coach website real Madrid.

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