Zlata ognevich compared their concerts, eating exotic fruits

Злата Огневич сравнила свои концерты с поеданием экзотических фруктов

So, she compared my performance with the eating of exotic fruits.

“So curiously You spostarti in concert! What it is, on the cob, VI caution on all League, prizeplaces, prisluhni, Nesmelova from me splate, probota smell, Nemov zagadkoy ekzotichni fruit. TA vzhe pid kinets vastani snice I mi stamo one Clim. Je concert, de s Perche mi note on odni hvili! Smmo, placebo, Salento, spіvaєmo! Dyakuyu scho robite me such a happy human”.

Note that the page Zlata ognevich Instagram closely watched 250 thousand subscribers. The singer indulges his fans with interesting posts.

Help Wikipedia. Zlata ognevich is a Ukrainian singer and TV presenter. The representative of Ukraine at the song contest “Eurovision 2013”. Honored artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation from the Radical party.

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